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What We


Customer Service

- Wide ring of customized inventory reports.
- Inventory management with online visibility.
- KPI’s reports to measure the operation performance.
- Live time transactions report.

Distribution & Logistics

Qatar Logistical Services is a strong player in the 3PL landscape, known for its efficient and far reaching network. In terms of coverage we cover all of Doha and surrounding cities. Furthermore, all the product that we distribute are a customized distribution plan which guarantees an uninterrupted supply is maintained to ensure sales.

Storage & Warehousing

Partnering with QLS, will guarantee that your product is stored at international standards at one of the many fully temperature controlled and HAACP/ ISO 22000 certified warehousing facilities. Our frozen and chilled warehouses operate more than 26000 pallet positions, and 47 docks to ensure simultaneous inbound and outbound operations.


Furthermore, we use laser guided VNAs in a narrow selective racking system that meet optimal operating efficiency standards. Our dry warehouse also operates more than 12700, pallet positions with a combination of selective and deep racking systems. This whole setup is further backed up by the INFOR warehouse management system.


Chilled Storage

QLS’s trained and proficient warehouse teams are adaptable, efficient and reactive to your needs, offering multi temperature storage facilities and systems, ensuring quality and integrity are maintained throughout the chilled supply chain.


Frozen Storage

QLS’s facility has the ability to store a range of frozen products. Our dedicated QA team operate with strict compliance, which is rigorously maintained supporting frozen food storage, frozen food distribution and cold storage distribution for food and non-food products.

  • 26,000 Pallet positions.

  • 47 Docks that can accommodate Inbound & Outbound operation at the same time.

  • Fully temperature controlled to prevent any cold chain disturbance.

  • Wire guided VNAs in a narrow Aisle selective racking system.

  • 30 bays with upper level for put away & ground level for case picking, which allows the item to be available for full pallets and case orders from the same Aisle at the same time


Ambient Storage

Our ambient warehouse which operates a pallet storage facility for both food and non-food products. A diverse operation, we are able to offer individual, dynamic solutions specific to customer needs. 12700 Pallet positions with a combination of Deep & Selective racking.


VAS - Value Added Services

Contract Packing

Our diverse multi-temperature operation undertakes standard and food and non-food contract packing. All contract packing operations are overseen in house through our dedicated Quality Assurance department.

Custom Clearance

Retail Distribution

Inventory & Reporting

- Daily stock reports

- No. of pallets / cases by SKU

- Expiry Report weekly


Technology & Facilities

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

QLS’s high-tech INFOR Warehouse Management System identifies and records traceability of all stored products. We use a fully RF directed operation using INFOR, which is one of the best WMS’s used globally and known for its flexibility and compatibility to integrate with other ERPs such as SAP, ORACLE, etc…

Human Resources

The operation is executed by a total number of 413 highly trained staff covering Warehousing & Distribution, managed by a group of qualified professionals that love and value their career in logistics.


All our facilities are HACCP, ISO 22000 food Safety Management System, BRF – Logistics Excellence Performance (LEP) certified.

The QLS Quality, Safety and Security Divisions ensure that we maintain the highest safety standards for operations and premises.

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